the first album
The B52s' first album
B52s "Time Capsule"
The B52s' last album

Tracy Bonham's first album

The Ramones "Mondo Bizarro"

The Ramones "Too Tough To Die"

The Ramones "Halfway To Sanity"

The GoGo's first album

Melissa Etheridge's first album

Gregory's Funhouse first album
Tang's first album
Tang's first album

Tang's second album

Amy Rigby "Middlescence"

The Hotheads "Landmines"

The Hotheads "World Wide Vibe"

Stop "Never" featuring Mickey Leigh

Biz Markie's first album

Biz Markie's "All Samples Cleared"

Biz Markie's "let me turn you on"
Marianne Faithfull's "Blazing Away"

Roxanne Shante's "Dance To This"

Roxanne Shante's first album

Big Daddy Kane's first album

Big Daddy Kane "Daddy's Home"
Big Daddy Kane's last album

The Genius's first album

Thomas Mapfumo

The Juice Crew Allstars

Carabali II

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

XClan's first album
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