rem's first photo session

I was contacted by a Miss Lipman, who went to college in NC with some of the members of REM. She also knew their manager, Jefferson Holt. Jefferson had given Anne-Louise some demo tapes to give to music people in NYC.

I was particularly curious about hearing this music from another and from Athens, GA. I really liked the combination of The Byrds and The Yardbirds.

I went to their NYC debut at a theater on East Third St. near Avenue D, called "The New Pilgrim Theater". I offered the band sleeping space in my photo studio and Bill, Mike and Peter moved in.

Michael preferred to stay in Greenwich Village.

This shot is from their first photo session and I did a Q&A interview with Michael for Interview magazine, but Michael mumbled so much it was unusable. The photos from this session have been published internationally in other magazines and books about the band.

When I was at SPIN magazine, I lobbied for them to grace the debut cover, but lost out to Madonna. They eventually got a cover which I travelled to Athens to photograph.

rem's spin cover


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